Wildlife Conservation Video for Bay Area Puma Project

If you’re concerned about wildlife conservation like me, you might agree it’s really important to understand the issues. For instance, the many challenges puma face in California. Fortunately people like Joe want to tell their story in a video. When Joe was a graduate student he worked with the Bay Area Puma Project and researched the puma populations in the San Francisco Bay area. As a result of this project more people are informed.

Public Lands & Gunnison Public Lands Initiative

Most people agree Colorado is home to amazing public lands. And different groups want to use them for different interests. In the Gunnison Valley a collaboration project was formed called the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative (GPLI). And here’s more information about the project from the GPLI website: “A coalition of ten local organizations. The interests represented in the coalition include ranching, water resources, motorized use, conservation, mountain biking, recreation, and hunting and angling. The goal of the coalition is to protect public lands, enhance a strong and sustainable economy, and support historic uses of public lands. To accomplish this goal the GPLI aims to create a successful designation that enjoys broad support, is technically sound, and best serves the community.” Also, please enjoy the beautiful Colorado scenery!


Wildlife Conservation & Evaluating Gunnison Sage-grouse

I’ve enjoyed birding my entire life. Eventually my hobby became more serious and as a result I studied bird bioacoustics with the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell University. While I was a graduate student I had the good fortune of being a mentee to Dr. Jessica Young—whose research resulted in the recognition of the Gunnison Sage-grouse as a new species. So it may not surprise you this project will always be a favorite. More importantly, the project is incredibly important for the Gunnison Sage-grouse species and our current understanding of how the species is impacted by climate change.

Food Security and Community Farming

Community farming is hard work! As a result it’s a 24/7 commitment. Besides that, there’s so much more to farming than really cute piglets. Did you know community farming addresses food security issues, and uses sustainable practices in the Colorado mountains?

Leave No Trace and Find Your Mountain Manners

Are you a new transplant in the west? If so, you might need some guidance and education on what it means to actually Leave No Trace while you’re enjoying the back and side country. Learn from Gillian about the importance of educating visitors and new programs necessary to protect our public lands. And as always, please know before you go!

Collaboration, Culture and Resiliency India to Colorado

If you had the opportunity to spend time in a country immersed in a culture on the other side of the planet would you do it? Check out the remarkable experience Brandon had in India!

Just for Fun a Hot Air Ballon Adventure!

I did not expect to have so much fun on this hot air balloon adventure when I set out one fall Saturday morning. But because of an adventurous spirit, I made some friends.

Epic Dream Job!

Stone Jordan’s submission for the Ski.com Epic Dream Job! While he didn’t win, we had fun collaborating on the project. And, most importantly, he did have a fantastic ski season!

Community Project for Fort Lewis College Studio Arts

Learn from students in Fort Lewis College’s Studio Arts program as they share their experiences.