We can explore solutions to issues, & ignite change when we discover common grounds.
The shortest distance between two people is a story…


We are comprised of many unique stories. Individually, and collectively within our communities. Storytelling is a powerful tool that evokes strong emotions and responses. Through sharing stories we create connections and discover common grounds. Story can be used to change attitudes and behaviors as well as inspire the imagination and soul by focusing the listeners’ minds on a single important idea. These ideas have the ability to create change, inspire hope, and provide real solutions to problems that engage the broader community.

Now more than ever it is critical to be informed, open minded, and bridge divides by collaborating with people across cultures, generations, agencies, and organizations. This can get messy! However, by truly listening to each other we can begin the conversation. Then, we are given the opportunity to develop sustainable solutions to issues and problems. The processes involved in these collaborations is as important as the stories that need to be told and heard.

Nell knows it’s very important to have a story told in an authentic way. This takes great listening skills and ethics. Nell creates your story into creative content and can be written, audio, or visual, or a combination of these forms of media made into a motion-short film. Creative content can engage a focus audience, or inform the broader community.

How you share your compelling story should be as unique as you, or your organization and distributed in as many ways as needed. This might be at a community gathering or town hall meeting, fundraising events, organizational meetings, on your website, in a newsletter, displayed in a photo journal, blog post, or other social media outlets.

The choice is yours.
Nell participates once or twice a week in the Daily Prompts. When the daily word is posted on WordPress, she gives herself 3 minutes to script a short story and chooses one or more of her photos to support the word prompt.

You can read these on the Blog portion of this site.