We can explore solutions to issues, & ignite change when we discover common grounds. 

One single photo can tell a memorable story, and create impact. Nat Geo has been doing it for years! It’s more than just the technical aspects of photography that allows the magic of story to visually be created right before your eyes. This takes skill, creativity, trying something new or different, and passion.

Nell has been taking still pictures for over thirty years. She switched to digital in 2008 and admits she misses spending time in a dark room. And she realizes with digital media the possibilities are endless! She enjoys creating diverse material and doesn’t limit herself to a specific subject. Nell especially enjoys creating images of wild and natural places, urban settings, landscapes and everything in between, including pets and people, wildlife, livestock and open range, plants and flowers, and people connecting to their unique environment – wherever that might be.

The world truly is a magical place when you take the time to look, and listen.

It’s really important to try new techniques and keep pushing creative boundaries. Nell posts photos to the Weekly Photo Challenge so she has a weekly assignment in addition to her work projects. She appreciates everyone who follows along each week.

Sit for a minute and look at the photo NYC Street Art by Eduardo Kobra as seen from the High Line. So many stories happening! What story do you?

This photo is one of Nell’s favorites for many reasons. Mostly because it was taken by her talented son, Stone Jordan.