Inform • Inspire • Ignite Change

The Power of Stories

We are connected through information and stories. Our days are filled with podcasts, music, graphs, charts and visual art. Through social media we impact people with a single photo or short story. Stories and information bring opportunities to connect, learn something new, gain more understanding, and see something from a different perspective.

Sharing Your Story

I tell stories to inform, inspire, and ignite change. I use proven neuroscience to share your story by creating clear, compelling, and relatable content.

What I love about storytelling is:
• creating connections and bridging divides
• the storytelling formula can be used in any format—infographic, written, digital media, technical reports
• your audience will be impacted and want to take the action you need them to!

Film format

The transition to interviewing people and creating motion shorts in 2016 was natural. Creating stories from a moving perspective is inspirational and quickly creates connections with people. If you’re interested please keep scrolling below to see a few of my short videos or check out my Nell Jordan Vimeo .