Leaving a Trace in the Gunnison Valley: Promoting Environmental Stewardship through Positive Communication Strategies

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Gillian Rossi is a certified “Leave No Trace” Master Educator whose Master of Environmental Management (MEM) project “is going to save the integrity of the Gunnison Valley through promoting and initiating positive environmental communication strategies through the development of the “Mountain Manners” environmental stewardship campaign.” Gillian knows the Gunnison valley thrives on recreation and has seen first hand how the environment has taken a beating from irresponsible recreation practices. Mountain Manners will help to promote a new field steward program, “Peak Protectors.” Gillian feels strongly that attitudes towards various user groups in the valley will change throughout the next couple of seasons as a result of the new campaign. The MEM program at Western State Colorado University, located in the Gunnison Valley, was the perfect setting for Gillian to see this project through.