Connecting the Bay Area with its Wild Pumas

Watch this story on Vimeo In Motion

Western State Colorado University (WSCU) graduate Joe Acampora utilized his GIS skills and the insights he’s developed through the Master of Environmental Management program at WSCU to effectively contribute to the Bay Area Puma Project (BAPP), a initiative of the Felidae Conservation Fund. The organization  raises awareness for Pumas in the San Fransisco Bay Area and provides research to support conservation decisions and policies. Pumas are notoriously out of sight, both literally and from the figurative public eye. Photos and video provide a window into the important work, which is an eye opening experience for people. Many people have seen predatory cates such as African lions or Indian tigers on TV or at the zoo, but seeing camera footage of a puma from the BAPP project, effectively in their backyard, is a big “wow” moment. Sharing the story of the incredible work the Bay Area Puma Project is doing not only promotes their mission, but additionally shines a light on the necessary conservation work taking place across the western US that is often overlooked.

All puma images provided by the Bay Area Puma Project.
You can follow and support Joe’s doctorate work at Pumas and People

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