In Motion

We can explore solutions to issues, & ignite change when we discover common grounds. 

It’s no secret videos and films are the most powerful content on social media today.

We are a part of a fast-paced, and changing world. Creating a motion-short film for your business, organization, or community is a powerful, compelling and often provocative way to visually share a meaningful story. A motion-short is the perfect solution to capture attention and engage people in your organization, fundraising events, or inspire the broader community to become a part of necessary changes.

Motion-shorts build relationships within a community or an organization, and across boundaries and landscapes. They are the new generation of innovative storytelling that is shaping the ever-changing world we are a part of.

Motion-shorts are data with soul.

Click on the bold link to view a few of the stories Nell created using motion-shorts:

The Bay Area Puma Project

The Gunnison Sage Grouse Response to Climate Change

Building Food Infrastructure: Community Farm Planning

Leaving A Trace in the Gunnison Valley

Nature, Culture & Resiliency Living

Gunnison Public Lands Initiative