About Nell

Nell Jordan

Nell Jordan sitting on steps in front of blue A-frame cabin.


  • Master in Environmental Management – Communications – Western Colorado University
  • Certified Grief Educator – David Kessler
  • Certified Digital Marketer – Boulder Digital Arts
  • ANFT Nature Therapy Guide – November 2022

My background in education, community outreach and global collaborations inform my mindful approach to communications. I am fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of connection. I consider myself a ‘multi-passionate’ and a ‘forever student,’ eager to build on my academic foundation in understanding the neurobiology of communications, while developing and deepening connections. I’m guided by both my purpose and curiosity.

As a Certified Grief Educator ​I mentor people on their unique grief journey​, meeting ​them exactly where they are. My goal is to inform communities on grief literacy, and normalize grief as a process we all encounter, and not as a sickness or illness, or something that needs to be fixed, or to just get over. 

Working with organizations in leadership and management capacities​ I bring communications to improve​ ​work culture, coach team​s​​ to respect each other and their differences, and to ensur​e a supportive ​work-life balance for ​everyone. Respectful communication is key to a healthy workplace and organization, but more importantly to individual success​!​ ​