Puppy Love!

Can you relate?

Are you an animal lover? Have you ever met an animal and it was love at first sight? Honestly, I fall in love with most animals I meet. I often stop throughout my day to connect with dogs and their owners on the trail, at a coffee shop, or wherever one shows up.

Recently my son called me and said, “Mom, I’m at the Humane Society…” I was driving and pulled over. This was a serious call and I wanted to give it my full attention. If you know me you know I’ve had dogs my entire life. If we haven’t met yet, more than likely dogs might become a part of our conversation.

My life with dogs

I can’t imagine my life without dogs. As a child dogs taught me about responsibility and caring for another living being. Dogs also taught me about companionship and animal behavior. My dogs have enjoyed and greatly benefited from being a part of a pack. I realize multiple dogs might not be for everyone’s lifestyle and not every dog is meant to be with other dogs. However, if your life circumstances support more than one dog [financially, time, training, living arrangements, dog temperament, etc. ] it can be a win-win situation.

Four different dogs in different settings.

How do you decide?

My son grew up with four dogs, and he adopted his first dog when he went off to college. Consequently, he has been a very responsible pet owner. Questions I asked when he called: Can you afford it? How will two dogs benefit your life? Turns out the puppy he was interested in was the last one left of the litter, so I suggested he put a hold on the puppy and give it 24 hours. Long story short, another puppy was adopted from a local humane society the next day. My son is now enjoying the responsibility of a new pup, and a growing dog pack. And I am absolutely smitten and enjoying having new puppy energy around again. Isn’t he just adorable!?

An adorable puppy with big eyes and ears playing with a toy.
Such a good puppy!

Dog story

Do you have a dog story to share? I would love to hear from you about your unique dog story. Please leave a note in the comments, or contact me at nellsnewvistas[at]gmail.com

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