Backyard Birds

Build Something You Love Into Your Workday: Winter Feeders

Are there certain activities you enjoy more during different seasons? I am a year-round birder and regardless of whether I’m working from home, in an office, or on the road, I keep binoculars close by. I take regular breaks to stretch my legs, step outdoors, breathe fresh air, and look at birds.

A female broad tailed hummingbird sits on a snow covered feeder.

Enormous amounts of snow have accumulated in my yard in southwest Colorado. In fact, I have so much snow in my backyard the bird feeders have completely disappeared over the last couple of weeks and are buried. This morning I created a new bird feeding station and everyone seems much happier.

A bird sitting on a suet feeder.

Have you ever considered taking up birding? It’s something people of all ages can enjoy anywhere. If you’re a birder, I’d love to know which birds you are seeing. Not a birder? I’d still love to hear which birds you notice around you. Something I appreciate about birds is they live everywhere from busy, urban settings, to quiet, remote mountains. Please leave a note in the comments. Thanks!

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