What’s In Store?

It’s Been Awhile

Too long actually. The last three months have passed in warp speed. Each day seemingly filled with plenty of learning opportunities both personally and professionally. Some were easier to navigate than others, some left me scratching my head, and others required no action at all but stillness and reflection. Each situation during the last three months presented a great opportunity to really pay attention and continue building a very strong foundation. This is life, huh? We are in a such a unique, pivotal place right now. Staying true to core values is more important than it ever has been. Do you agree? What experiences have you recently had? Any pivotal moments?

I am committing to doing more of what serves a purpose, brings joy, connection, and learning to my life and anyone who wants to collaborate during 2019. Acting with purpose and ethics continues to be a priority. Which means adventures, high peaks, low valleys, and experiencing new vistas along the way. Vistas are sometimes easy on the eyes. Others may cause the urge to look away and be difficult to view. Those are typically where we learn the most. Both are a part of the journey and equally important.

So, what does this mean?

The cover collage of photos represents many different work experiences where the unexpected happened, yet I went with the flow and not only survived (filming in -37 degrees celsius, during very high water rafting trip, alligators, herds of horses etc.) but thrived and learned something really valuable. I will continue to share the stories unfolding around me, as well as the learning and understanding taking place, in my little corner of the world. The good, the bad, and the ugly, which basically means talking about the truth and utilizing deep listening, paying attention, and discovering more common ground.

During the last 2+ years I’ve experienced people being down-right cruel to each other, and I won’t be a part of that anymore. Everyone is most certainly entitled to their beliefs but we do not need to mean and hurtful to one another. I don’t know when acting this way became the “normal” or “right” way to act. It’s not acceptable. I will continue acting with integrity, and standing firmly in my ethics and values, while being open.

What do you have in store?

So here we are. February 1st, 2019 already! I’m excited and curious to hear what do you have in store for this year? Please share in the comments. I truly want to know what you are working on, what areas of your life are expanding, or you are looking forward to this year. I appreciate you sharing.

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