Epic Dream Job

Photo credit Holly Huebner

Have you ever thought about what your Epic Dream Job would be? If you had the unique opportunity to drop your life and head to 18 different ski destinations in 7 countries would you? Did I mention you would be compensated $10,0000 and sponsors would include, United Airlines, GoPro, Oakley, Helly Hansen, Rossignol and Open Snow? Do I have your attention yet? just posted a call out for applications to fill this adventurer opportunity.

Here’s my son’s 59 second Epic Dream Job video application video. Pretty fun!

Stone Jordan Epic Dream Job from Nell Jordan on Vimeo.

really hope he wins! But I know whoever chooses for the 10 week job will have a blast! The announcement will be made on October 30th! Best of luck to all applicants!

And tell me in the comments what your epic dream job is. I’d love to hear.

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