Ascend: Weekly Photo Challenge

three hot air balloons lifting off

This week’s photo challenge is about upward movement.

The air was incredibly clear and crisp, and the sun was just beginning to peek over the ridge the morning I left for the Animas Valley Hot Air Ballon Rally. By the time I drove west to the Animas Valley, the sky was brilliant blue, and made for the perfect backdrop as the hot air balloons slowly filled, then began to ascend above the valley. There was a great deal of excitement as the pilots and crews bustled around making sure everything was good to go. And a lot of anticipation from both the passengers, and spectators. Families were gathered around, hot cocoa in hand, with smiles and laughter. It’s the simple things in life, right?

This was the first ballon rally I attended, and I truly didn’t know what to expect.
I was really glad to have been a part of this. I had an incredible day, and made some new friends, too. I’m already looking forward to next year.
Ascend: Weekly Photo Challenge
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