Inheritance: One Word Prompt

As the years pass, more and more frequently when I look in the mirror I sometimes do a double-take because I see my Mom’s face before I recognize the reflection as my own. Even the ever popular social media platform Facebook constantly wants to tag me as my Mom, which is interesting because she passed-on almost four years ago.
People have always said that my son and I look very much alike, and that our biological inheritance is extremely strong. In fact, there are too many times for me to count when I’ve walked into his place of employment and encountered a new employee or someone I hadn’t met yet, and without even stating who I am, there’s down right astonishment as he or she looks, does a double-take, and announces I must be his mom.
What do you think? Do you see a strong biological inheritance between us?
Good or bad, do you have specific characteristics that have been passed down to you from your ancestors, or perhaps you have passed to your own offspring? How do you feel about the genetics in your family? Have you ever had someone look at your family tree? It’s really interesting to see where our biological inheritances came from, and how they evolve over time.
Inheritance: One Word Prompt
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