Serene: Weekly Photo Challenge

Enjoying the majestic, yet very quiet mountains in my backyard. December 2017.

In an effort to prepare for the already bustling and busy holiday season, and bring to close what has been, for too many people, a very hectic year, this weeks Photo Challenge encourages us to take a deep breath and slow down. Then share a visual moment of blissful quiet.

I have no shortage of serene images in my portfolio. Seeking serenity is how I recalibrate. Sometimes this means I’m completely unplugged but I still have my camera at~the~ready. Experiencing life through my camera lens is one way I practice mindfulness, thus providing me the opportunity to create serenity.

I decided to look up the actual definition of serene and choose my pictures based on this:

Serene: calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil. adj.
The first b & w photo represents this concept well. I am very fortunate to live in an area that is very serene.
Additionally, serene in the archaic sense is  an expanse of clear sky or calm sea. n.
The sunset and ethereal clouds passing gently over Longs Peak in Colorado. November 2017.
The energetic Pacific waves meet the soft, cool sand while the clouds float effortlessly above creating a great deal of serenity. Point Reyes, California. May 2017.

There are endless ways to create and experience serene moments. Your idea of serenity may be very different than mine. Please share your latest serene moment in the comments.

Serene: Weekly Photo Challenge


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