Experimental: Weekly Photo Challenge

This was a very last minute experiment on the Fourth of July when I decided to play around with trying to get pictures of the local fireworks display over the reservoir. For years I’ve wanted to try capturing stunning photos of fireworks. This year there was a fire ban in many areas of Colorado, and there was an active fire nearby about 20 miles as the crow flies. This area in SW Colorado is basically a damned watershed, and we were fortunate to have plenty of rainfall during summer 2017, which permitted this display to be held.

It was a fantastic summer night. I literally grabbed my gear at dusk and headed to a location I thought might have a great view at or above the fireworks. I had fun, I learned a great deal, I definitely have room to improve, and I will continue with this experiment next summer.

If any readers have experience with photographing fireworks, and would like to share suggestions for the best way to prepare and capture great firework images, please comment below. Much appreciation. Thank you!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Experimental

Weekly Photo Challenge

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