Peek: Weekly Photo Challenge


In this fast paced world we’ve created, it seems we are often too busy to notice the beauty and magic happening around us. The areas of our lives that require much of our energy often get most of our attention. I can’t help but to slowdown and get lost in the subtle changes around me these days.

This is a photo I took while hiking early one morning this past October in the Colorado high county. On this day I left the cabin before sunrise. The sun was slowly rising and igniting, bringing first light to the soon to be very crystal clear blue Colorado sky. As I drove through the valley I noticed the trees, still holding onto their bright golden leaves, gently swaying. When I got to the trailhead there were two other cars. I wasn’t the only early riser taking advantage of a Saturday.  We wandered along a trail I had never been on and my senses were especially heightened. The mixed-conifer forest was thick with vegetation which meant the sunbeams had not yet reached the trail. Then suddenly, there it was. The October sun. Peeking between the tree trunks and branches and beaming through the transparent dew drops on the dried vegetation and fallen leaves. I was mesmerized by the display of unique shapes and shadows that were created. The leaf in this picture especially caught my attention and I stopped to witness this display. Magic happening.

Weekly Photo Challenge

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