Senior Portraits

Senior portraits certainly are not what they used to be. If you do a Google image search, you can see how they’ve changed over the years from the generic, blue backdrop everyone in the class was forced to sit in front of, to beautiful, creative, and unique images that visually capture individual personalities.

I do enjoy taking pictures of people, but I’ve never considered myself a portrait photographer. A few years ago when my son was a senior, a couple of his friends’ parents had not even thought about getting senior portraits done for their sons. The boys, who knew I enjoyed taking pictures, contacted me one day and asked if I would take their senior portraits. Of course I was happy to help. It was fall and we lived in a beautiful location in Colorado. What came to mind immediately were a few open-space areas that would be great to capture some images. I had known both boys for a couple years and my goal was to capture their personalities, and the Colorado landscape.

I learned a great deal, and had fun while we drove around chasing the afternoon sun and looking for great landscapes. This was a pro bono project that I put about 6 hours into.

These boys are now young men. Daniel is working full-time and in college part-time, and Alex¬† recently graduated from college and is moving out of state soon. It’s been great to see them grow and discover their own unique paths over the years.

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