⼼ Kokoro is a Japanese word, loosely translating to a union of heart, mind, essence—elements inseparable from one other in Eastern cultures. 

⼼ Kokoro signifies mind in the emotional sense, spirit; courage; resolve; sentiment; affection; as we say in the English, “the heart of things.”
Lafcadio Hearn – Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life [1898]

Woman with faux fur hood and dog resting head on her shoulder. Snow covers the dogs muzzle.

At the heart of things…

At the heart of things I was once a young girl who felt a deep connection and kinship with my natural surroundings. As a child I was happiest exploring, observing, and just ‘being’ in the wilderness. And, I’m happy to say, that’s never changed! Today as a researcher, conservationist, and educator, my purpose is to understand diverse human experiences, interconnectedness, and meaningful connections—including those with the More-Than-Human-World.

I’m fortunate to call Colorado home since 1999, and to have raised my son exploring the complexities of the diverse, unique, western landscapes. These experiences inspired further inquiry, and ultimately led me on a journey of earning a Master in Environmental Management (MEM) at Western Colorado University. Working with the people, ecosystems, landscapes, and issues facing the west is exactly where I want to be.

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